Design Studio by Arturo Dueñas

Art of Graphics Design Studio by Arturo Dueñas

Welcome to my online design portfolio!

Hola! My name is Arturo Dueñas and I’m a graphic/web designer from Dallas, TX. With over 10 years of experience working freelance doing graphic design and multimedia work I’ve acquired an extensive amount of knowledge and skills.  In my career as a designer I had the opportunity to work on hundreds of projects with over 500+ clients local and outside the state. Equipped with just an Associate’s degree from a respectable community college in Plano, TX and my natural raw talent I’ve accomplished many goals in my career, business and personal life.

My computer hard drive is filled with all types of projects good, bad and ugly. As a designer I’ve learned that every piece of work is subjective to what the client needs and wants. Sometimes what my designer instincts tell me goes totally against what my client needs so by listening to them I create my designs. Perhaps that’s not the right approach for some people but that is the beauty of design there is really no right or wrong. There are rules but as a designer you decide which to follow. I believe no design is perfect as nothing is perfect in life. So my question is why aim for perfection instead of wasting time on something impossible I try to have fun with what I have and express my myself through my work.

Designers need to free themselves from all these rules and bring back creativity, innovation, passion and love to their work. Don’t get me wrong I know that to make a great design some rules need to be applied but there has to be balance on how much rules and free expression comes into play. In this digital world designers have a tough time to make things look more organic than computer generated if that makes any sense.

I will ask you to go through my personal work with an open mind I’m not trying to prove anything.  I am a pretty good solid designer very well rounded and one ugly design is not going to change that. I’m confident on my skills and ready to work on any project big or small. FYI I’m crazy fast to come up with ideas and meet tight deadlines.

My passion for design and being creative is what drives me everyday to work. I love what I do and making a living from my passion has been the greatest privilege in my life.